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Fun in Dapeng Bay

大鵬灣休閒特區Dapeng Bay is the biggest lagoon on the southwest coastline of Taiwan. The water area is about 3,500 meters long from east to west, and around 1,800 meters wide from south to north, making a total area of 532 square hectares. The average depth is about two to six meters. There used to be a large-sized oyster bed in the Donggang area. The seafood resources are very abundant. Tourists can take a cruising trip on a yacht to Oyster Shell Island in the bay, and personally experience oyster planting scenes from the past. The oyster plants have now been dismantled due to a decrease in production, and due to their affecting the quality of water. This was also a result of the development of tourism. This area is going to be one of the best places for aquatic activities in southern Taiwan.

Mangrove Watercourse:
Dapeng Bay is home to Taiwan''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s most southerly mangroves. The mangrove watercourse is on the southernmost boundary of the mangrove area. This species is known as "avicennia marina vierh." Its aerial root phenomenon is very striking, because it grows in the juncture of the water''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s mouth. These Avicenna marina vierh trees are over 70 years old. They grow densely, providing animal habitats and a beautiful growing environment. They make an extremely abundant natural ecological landscape.

[On the Seas]
* Sailing is possible at the Dapeng Bayside Park.
* At the Dapeng Bay National Leisure Zone, visitors are free to try canoeing, “swan pedal boats,” boat-rowing and windsurfing. There are also lagoon boat tours which come with a short visit to the Oyster Shell Island. The legendary oyster industry is worth some exploration.

[On the Ground]
* Watch a short film on the bay’s key scenic spots or get some tourist flyers and a map at the visitor center before hopping on the bike. Along the bayside path, wetland views, village scenery and mangrove ecology can be enjoyed. Overlook Xiaoliuqiu in the far distance at the Dapeng Bay Bridge and take a stroll in the Qingzhou Coastal Recreation Area. Watch the setting Sun by the Nanping Embankment at dusk. Before going home, try some delicious snacks or buy some gifts for friends and family at the Donggang Fishery Port Seafood Direct Sale Center (formerly the Hua Qiao Market).
* Alternatively, watch a go-kart contest and at the Dapeng Bay National Leisure Zone and visit local historic sites.

1 is The PenBay National Leisure Zone2 is Dapeng Bay Visitor Centers 3 is Oyster Shell Island

Dapeng Bay Scenic Area
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In the old days, Daoeng Bay used th be knowns as "Biesing Harbor","Cieteng Harbr",or "Nanping Harbor." During the Japanese colonial era, it was renowned as Dapeng Bay. The Japanese used the lagoon as a seaplane military base during World II. In 1949 the Chinese National Party (KMT) goverment reclaimed the bay and officially renamed it as "Daoeng Bay"


Donggang Six Home Donggang Six Home
Address:No.6, Aly. 20, Xingdong 2nd St., Donggang Township, Pingtung County 928, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Orient Resort Penbay Orient Resort Penbay
Baystory Baystory
Address:No.90, Yuhou Rd., Linbian Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Jialin Homestay Jialin Homestay
Address:No.80-5, Ln. 336, Jialian Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Yudali Motel Yudali Motel
Address:1&2F, No. 501, Xingdong Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County
Yashidu Seafood Restaurant Yashidu Seafood Restaurant
Address:No.25-7, Chuantou Rd., Donggang Township, Pingdong County 92850,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Guozhen Fair-priced Seafood Inn Guozhen Fair-priced Seafood Inn
Address:No. 74-5, Guangfu Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County



By car

  1. National Highway 3 south-road to Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area- Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area
  2. National Highway 1 south- Expressway No.88 - National Highway 3 - road to Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area - Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area
  3. Kaohisung-Provincial Highway No. 17 (coastal road) -Liyuan (temporary bridge at present))-Donggang- Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area
  4. Pingdong-Provincial Highway No.27-Wandan -Wulong-left on Provincial Highway 17-Donggang -turn right onto the road to Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area between the 258 k and 259 k points on Provincial Highway 17 - Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area

By air

  1. Kaohsiung Hsiaogang International Airport, -take a bus for Taidong, Fangliao, Kending at the bus station to the right after leaving the airport -get off at Xinzhuang Station in Dongang
  2. Take a Pingdong city bus from Pingdong Airort-bus station to the right of Pingdong Railway Station-take a bus for Donggang-Change to a bus for Taidong, Fangliao or Kending at Donggang stationàget of at Xinzhuang in Donggang.

Taiwan high-speed railway/TRA train

  1. Zuoying high-speed railway station-city bus or train-Kaohsiung Railway Stationàbus to Kending from Kaohsiung Transportation Co. station -Get off at Xinzhuang in Donggang
  2. Kaohsiung Railway Station -bus to Kending from Kaohsiung Transportation Co station to the left of the railway station- Get off at Xinzhuang in Donggang

Related transport information

  1. Pingtung Bus Co:08-7324103
  2. Kaohsiung Transportation Co:07-2371230
  3. Kingbus:0800-010-138
  4. Chungnan Bus Co.:07-2358955


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